Now What?

Now What?

The election was called before I went to sleep but I still felt unsettled until I saw that Dems passed 218 seats in the House this morning. For the first time in 2 years, my sense of impending doom has lightened (a little). But this win is the start, not the end of things. If anyone’s watched politics as a spectator sport for the past 3 years, get your popcorn out. It’s going to be a wild 2 years.

Instigator in Chief

It’s interesting to watch how Democrats will approach the current political climate. The country is divided and POTUS will continue to instigate with the full weight of his bully pulpit until he’s out of office. Will Dems bite the bait? Will they ignore it? How will Republicans redefine their party? Republicans spent the first 2 Trump years trying to survive the Trump show. Now, moderate Reps were mostly booted out and all we have left (get it? haha) are hard Rights. What does that mean for a party that has abandoned many of its core principles under the weight of a rogue President and closed their eyes to gross atrocities from this administration.


Healthcare was a hot ticket item for voters this year. Even Republicans pretended that they were always for pre-existing conditions protections which was the defining factor of Obamacare and something Reps have tried to repeal countlessly since its enactment. In the past month, Republicans have been saying that it was Democrats who have been trying to repeal this important legislation. Now what?

Women and Minorities

Massive numbers of women and minorities were elected to office this time which will certainly play a big role in the detainment of migrant children and the whole DACA debacle. I’m interested to see what effect this has on the pro-life/pro-choice issue, as some of these victories were gained in Red areas. Overall it’s cool to see the Congress start to look more like the country and less like the smoking room of a country club.


When the movie about this administration comes out, will it be about Putin the Puppet Master and his unwitting co-conspirator? Will it be about an international thriller with POTUS and co as the mega villain? Or will it be about a witch hunt gone wild with the Poor Pres who always told us there was no collusion to begin with? We’re about to find out as the House Intelligence Committee (headed by my love Mr Adam Schiff) has probably already started working on the subpoenas needed to get key witness testimonies and important documents, including Trump taxes. With more than half the country opposed to the Mueller probe, the House will have to do much of the heavy lifting to bring the information to the people AND protect the special counsel investigation.


Judges are a Senate thing and we’re sure to get more conservative appointments and that’s fine as long as they’re decent people like Gorsich and not like Rapey, No Escapey Kavanaugh. Look maybe he did and maybe he didn’t but he probably did and they didn’t investigate enough to find out. Also, I run a business and when I have gang rape or even regular rape suspicions on a potential employee I keep looking. Call me crazy. Burden of proof discussions aside, there must be some Republican judges who don’t rape. Let’s find those guys.


Last night the Democrats had major victories in the House. Like MAJOR. In fact, they’ve been having major victories for a long time. Unfortunately, due to the way the district lines have been drawn in many key states, almost every presidential election in the past 30 years won by a Republican has been won via electoral college, not popular vote. That’s a lot of won but not really elections over the years. If you’re not sure what this means, here it is: State legislatures control how their districts are drawn. In states like California, districts are drawn based on geography. In states like Georgia, they’ve been drawn in weird shapes to favor Republican candidates in the House. This is cheating in my opinion. Even President Obama agrees. After leaving office he’s helped the Democratic National Redistricting Committee worked to re-draw district lines to make them fair to everyone. Learn more on the important work they are doing here.

Here’s a quick WAPO video explaining Gerrymandering if you’re interested:


And finally we get to 2020. Who thinks Trump will get re-elected? Who thinks Trump will resign from the mounting pressure of having a check on his power for the first time in his life? I doubt Pence would ever win anything because he’s too far right to bring moderates to the table. Remember how he can’t be alone with a woman other than his wife? That’s weird. He’s weird. But then Trump is President so who knows! But we do know that this is about the time real presidential candidates start speaking seriously about running. The Dems don’t have a clear candidate to oppose Trump, especially since their 3 rising stars all lost. Beto did great bringing out Texas Dems but it wasn’t enough and IDK if you want to counter the monster marketing machine that is Trump with a loser. There is Alexandra Ocacia Cortez but she’s young and that might be a problem. Or it might motivate youngsters, a major demographic that’s notoriously underrepresented.

So that’s that guys, the state of things on November 7, the first day after the last day of single party rule in US politics.

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